Shooting in Houston

We are currently shooting a couple of episodes with 20 women over two days in Houston. It’s not just the weather that’s incredibly hot in Texas. Tune in to see some of the fun times we have as Lori and Valeria give a make up seminar to get things started and Paul gets robbed.

Brittany Leggett

photo Brittany Legget

Featuring; Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Manu, Kelsey Byers, Abi Christine Woodcock, Andrea Smith, Brittany Leggett, Brittney Layne, Brooke Stacey, Cyndi MacNeil, Hillary Hagner, Jami Johns, Kaylee Flanagan, Kimber Kiefer, Lindsey Lyons, Missy Reed, Summer Petro, Twyla Grimes, Tara Tower, Gina Bergman, Jaslyn Antonini.



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