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  • Episode 9: Houston Shoot Out Trailer

    Here’s what’s coming next week from our shoot-out in Texas last weekend. Some pretty good stuff. PLEASE SHARE.

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  • Shooting in Houston

    Shooting in Houston

    We are currently shooting a couple of episodes with 20 women over two days in Houston. It’s not just the weather that’s incredibly hot in Texas. Tune in to see some of the fun times we have as Lori and Valeria give a make up seminar to get things started and Paul gets robbed. photo Brittany Legget Featuring; Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Manu, Kelsey Byers, Abi Christine Woodcock, Andrea Smith, Brittany Leggett, Brittney Layne, Brooke Stacey, Cyndi MacNeil, […]

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  • Episode 6 : Allure Leather Catalogue Shoot

    A behind the scenes look at an Allure Leather catalogue shoot. If you’ve ever been into a shop that carries these lines, you’ve seen the images on the packages, on the garment tags and in the catalogues. There is certainly a lot of skin being shown in this episode. See Playboy Cover model Claudie Auclair, Ashley Marie, Britt Churchill and Gene as they work their magic for the catalogue. Also, Manu shares his nipple issues. Featuring: Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Jacqueline […]

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  • Episode 5 : Johanna Stavrakaki / Paul’s Birthday

    Johanna Stavrakaki came into the studio to shoot for her Sthenos line – It happened to fall on Paul’s 50th birthday. Or was it? Special appearance from Midori Rutledge and Carleen Lawther. Featuring; Paul Buceta, Lori Fabrizio, Valeria Nova, Jacqueline Megaw, Manu, Pouyan Fard,  Midori Rutledge, and Carleen Lawther.  

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  • Episode 2 : ANDIVERO Magazine Meeting

    Episode 2 : ANDIVERO Magazine Meeting

    Episode 2 : ANDIVERO Magazine Meeting. Richard Dubois joins Jacqueline Megaw and Paul Buceta to discuss an upcoming issue or ANDIVERO. Lori and Paul realize a pricing error that can potentially kill their hopes of launching a sext T-Shirt line. Feat: Jacqueline Megaw, Richard Dubois Kevin Detto, Paul Buceta and Lori Fabrizio.

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  • Jacqueline Megaw – Profile

    Jacqueline Megaw – Profile

    Jacqueline ‘Knuckles’ Megaw is the Editor in Chief of ANDIVERO and SESSIONS Magazine. Having studied photography at Ryerson Uniuversity she first joined Paul back in 2007 assisting on photo shoots and design work. When first discussing working with Paul, she mentioned her dream was to one day art direct a magazine. Hired on the spot, it was from that point SESSIONS Magazine evolved into something other than just a few images online.  12 issues later, SESSIONS Magazine now sells on digital newsstands next […]

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