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  • Episode 24 : Arnold Classic

    Episode 24 : Arnold Classic

    Paul and the crew head to The Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. Join in to see what goes on at these shootouts. Appearances by: Paul Buceta, Lori Fabrizio, Valeria Nova, Manu, Aleisha Hart, Jessie Hilgenberg, Nicole Moneer, Team Blessed Bodies, Theresa Lopetrone, Fatima Leite, Marilyse Hamel-Mayerhofer, Leslie Lewis, Midori Rutledge, Angela Kegler, Jessica Rinaldi, Holly Barker, Rita Catolino

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  • Episode 22 : Bunny and Britt at KREATER

    Shooting on location at KREATER Customs with Bunny Azzopardi and Britt Churchill. You can get your snazzy overXXXposed shirts like Britt, Bunny and all the other cool kids at overXXXposedapparel.com Check out www.kreater.com for cool bikes. This episode was shot by Pouyan Fard. FEAT: Bunny Azzopardi, Britt Churchill, George Tchor, Lori Fabrizio and Paul Buceta.

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  • Episode 21 : Las Vegas – Part 2

    Episode 21 : Las Vegas – Part 2

    The full team in Vegas. Some business, some fun. But mostly fun. Appearances by: Appearances by: Paul Buceta, Rita Catolino, Sarah Scotford, Theresa Lopetrone, Lori Fabrizio, Valeria Nova, Team Blessed Bodies, Meghan Graham, Meghan Amelia, Leslie Lewis, Wet Republic,  Robin Ball,  Tanya Geisinger, Jennifer Cordeiro, Manu,

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  • Episode 18 : Two Chicks and Some Lipstick and DJ Riccachet

    Episode 18 : Two Chicks and Some Lipstick and DJ Riccachet

    What did she just say? This Episode is not for those who offend easily… or ‘One Uppers’. Valeria Nova and Lori Fabrizio get in front of the camera to model for the cover of a podcast with DJ Riccachet. To make things interesting, the girls start ‘One Upping’ each other and the end result is ridiculously entertaining. This is also the sexiest we’ve seen the girls get! See the full gallery here. Featuring: Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Emmanuel […]

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  • Episode 17 : Carleen Lawther

    Episode 17 : Carleen Lawther

    Carleen Lawther decided to get into the fitness game after being persuaded to by Midori Rutledge. Shortly before the competition she dropped by the studio with Midori and Paul instantly loved her look. From there, she won her first contest with only 2weeks preparation and came back for a shoot with Paul. Featuring: Paul Buceta, Carleen Lawther, Lori Fabrizio, and Midori Rutledge.

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  • Shit Fitness Models Say

    Shit Fitness Models Say

    We had posted this a while back and got some really good response from it. Featuring: Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Rita Catolino, Sarah Scotford and Paul Buceta

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  • Episode 15 : Texas Behind the Scenes

    Episode 15 : Texas Behind the Scenes

    Some more behind the scenes from our Texas shoot. Featuring : Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Manu, and Jacqueline Megaw.

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  • Episode 14 : Busy Day at The Studio

    Episode 14 : Busy Day at The Studio

    Dave Laus in Studio 3, Rick Oliver in Studio 2 and Paul Buceta in Studio 1. Models on deck, Midori Rutledge, Leigh Brandt and a surprise photo bomb by Rachel Davis. Watch Rick Oliver as he nervously speaks about the studio. It looks like someone is holding a gun to his head!!! Featuring: Paul Buceta, Dave Laus, Rick Oliver, Midori Rutledge, Rachel Davis, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Leigh Brandt and Dean Brandt.

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  • Episode 13 : Two Chicks and Some Lipstick Houston Seminar

    Episode 13 : Two Chicks and Some Lipstick Houston Seminar

    Lori Fabrizio and Valeria Nova of Two Chicks and Some Lipstick give a make up seminar in Houston. See some tricks of the trade from the industries top make up artists. For more make up tips and tricks, check them out at twochicksandsomelipstick.com Shot on location at MUSE Studios. Featuring; Lori Fabrizio, Valeria Nova, Paul Buceta, Jacqueline Megaw, Brook Stacy, Kelsey Byers, and many more.

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  • Episode 10 : The Models From Our Houston Shoot

    Episode 10 : The Models From Our Houston Shoot

    Meet some of the women shooting with Paul during his latest visit to Houston. Featuring; Paul Buceta, Jacqueline Megaw, Kelsey Byers, Manu, Kaylee Rae Flanagan, Brittney Layne, Andrea Pritts-Smith, Jami Johns, Kent Byers, Lindsey Lyons, Emily, Gina Begman, Summer Petro, Brooke Stacey, PLEASE SHARE

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