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  • Isabel Lahela

    Behind the scenes at a shoot with Isabel Lahela. Photography by Paul Buceta Make up and hair by Monica Kalra Video by Urbvn-Visuals.com Shot on location at The Production Studio

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  • Katie Maria – Because I’m STRONG.

    Katie Maria shares why she’s STRONG. Video by Paul Buceta Editing by Josue Gomez Shot on location at The Production Studio

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  • Angels in Paradise for ANDIVERO Magazine

    Angels in Paradise for ANDIVERO Magazine

    From out last Angels in Paradise Project for ANDIVERO Magazine. If you want to be considered for the next one, let us know. You can visit here for more details. Shot on location in Las Vegas. Featuring, Amber Ward, Sofia Venanzetti, Sarah Scotford, Valerie Stunning, Monica Kalra, Megan Kendal, Melissa Toulouse, Nichole LeAnne, Tiffany Campbell, Lisa Meilak, Diana Skific, Stephanie Moen, Alexandra Beyea, Andi Ruth, Rah Engstrom, Halle Marie, Sybil Sophia, Rhianna Hogan, Tanya Geisinger, and Tiffani Lee Chase. A […]

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  • Shit Fitness Models Say

    Shit Fitness Models Say

    We had posted this a while back and got some really good response from it. Featuring: Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Rita Catolino, Sarah Scotford and Paul Buceta

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  • Paul Bond

    Emmanuel ‘Manu’ the videographer occasionally struggles with his English. He created this video montage of Paul Shooting in Ohio at the Arnold Classic and peppered it with some broken English. The writing in the video brought us to tears and as such, we insisted he NOT correct it. We hope you like it as much as we did. See more of Manu here. Features: Paul Buceta, Erin Flax (Shadow Dance) Please SHARE

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  • Kelly Knox by Pouyan Fard – Teaser

    Here’s a preview of Pouyan’s video work with Kelly Knox. Kelly was first featured in Episode 3 where you can see the behind the scenes of her shoot and subsequently in Episode 4. More of Kelly will be coming soon so be sure to check back. Featuring : Kelly Knox by Pouyan Fard

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  • Behind the Scenes in The Dominican Republic

    The entire crew went to the Caribbean for a week of shooting. Featuring; Paul Buceta, Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, Sarah Scotford, Kim Gunther, Michael AJ Guilfoyle, Erin Smith, Alayna Kellett, Jillian Kelly, and Nicola Smith. PLEASE SHARE

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  • Manu At Work

    Manu At Work

    I bought a small video camera so I can record some extra footage from time to time. Especially of Manu as he is often left out of the action being behind the camera. Manu at work today for example, I took a little video of him at work. God bless cheesy in-camera editing.

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  • Fun at Lori’s Expense

    Fun at Lori’s Expense

    We were having some fun with effects while cutting Lori’s announcement video and thought we simply HAD to share.

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  • Shooting Skin Coming Soon!

    Shooting Skin Coming Soon!

    We are launching Shooting Skin the 1st week of May. We will be pre-releasing two episodes for subscribers only. You’ll want to get on that list. SUBSCRIBE TODAY – CLICK HERE Please take a moment to SHARE us on Facebook. Thanks for your support!

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