Episode 7 : overXXXposed T-Shirts

Paul and Lori agree to start a t-shirt line (overXXXposed) featuring some of the beautiful women they shoot. With a rocky start at the beginning costing them double what they were expecting to pay, they receive the 1st shipment of T’s. Looks like smooth sailing so far…

Because of the demand we’ll be selling the shirts via PayPal for now.

Please be advised the word ‘overXXXposed’ appears in red across the image.

Shirts are $40.00 each.

We’ll need the following information;

Which face you want on the t-shirt(s)

Which sex(s)

What size(s)

Address to ship to.

The shirts will be shipped within 5 business days.

Please send money via PayPal to paulbuceta@gmail.com

Available sizes;
Women’s XS, S, and M

M, L and XL

Featuring; Paul Buceta, Lori Fabrizio, Valeria Nova, Richard Dubois, Jamie Eason, Walk Off The Earth, Sofia Venanzetti, Rachel Wilde, Erin English.

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