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Jacqueline ‘Knuckles’ Megaw is the Editor in Chief of ANDIVERO and SESSIONS Magazine. Having studied photography at Ryerson Uniuversity she first joined Paul back in 2007 assisting on photo shoots and design work. When first discussing working with Paul, she mentioned her dream was to one day art direct a magazine. Hired on the spot, it was from that point SESSIONS Magazine evolved into something other than just a few images online.  12 issues later, SESSIONS Magazine now sells on digital newsstands next to VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, ELLE and the like. With the success of SESSIONS Magazine, Jacqueline has spear headed the creation and launch of ANDIVERO Magazine which has seen an explosive start out of the gate.

Jacqueline Megaw

While not designing magazines, Jacqueline also enjoys modelling. Her look is diverse – appearing in wedding magazines and oil-wrestling commercials. She likes animals (CLICK HERE to see) and leather boots.


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