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  • Manu At Work

    Manu At Work

    I bought a small video camera so I can record some extra footage from time to time. Especially of Manu as he is often left out of the action being behind the camera. Manu at work today for example, I took a little video of him at work. God bless cheesy in-camera editing.

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  • Fun at Lori’s Expense

    Fun at Lori’s Expense

    We were having some fun with effects while cutting Lori’s announcement video and thought we simply HAD to share.

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  • Valeria Nova – Profile

    Valeria Nova – Profile

    Valeria Nova is an art graduate from OCAD and world class make up artist. She quips, “I paint faces and I paint faces”. She paints more than just faces… Her subject matter is rather adult in nature and makes most people blush. Her charm, ultra-cool style, and no-bullshit personality intimidates most men… But not Paul, he knew the moment he met her, he HAD to have her on the team! Valeria is one half of the dup of  “Two Chicks and Some […]

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  • Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Nabet – Profile

    Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Nabet – Profile

    Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Nabet is the videographer for the show. When first approached about the show idea, he asked how many people would be on the production team. He claimed Paul was crazy to think one person could produce, direct, shoot, edit and deliver a show but accepted the job nonetheless. He likes mustard and speaks French.

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  • Lori Fabrizio – Profile

    Lori Fabrizio – Profile

    Lori Fabrizio has a smile and laugh that can light up a room. She is a make up artist at the studio and has also modelled (although unwillingly) for magazines. It’s during these short modelling bouts that the images you may have seen around the world. Her images have sold thousands of times through various stock image agencies and as such she’s appeared in advertisements from billboards to magazines, posters to websites. She’s currently partnered with Valeria as one half […]

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  • Paul Buceta – Profile

    Paul Buceta – Profile

    Paul Buceta is an internationally renowned fitness and glamour photographer. Shooting for various magazines ranging in style and types from Oxygen and MuscleMag to UMM and Playboy. Having shot over 160 magazine covers and tens of thousands of images for various publications he is also the publisher of ANDIVERO and SESSIONS Magazine. That would be enough for most people however, Paul’s childlike enthusiasm leads him into various ventures from throwing hugely successful pool parties in Las Vegas and the Caribbean […]

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  • Jacqueline Megaw – Profile

    Jacqueline Megaw – Profile

    Jacqueline ‘Knuckles’ Megaw is the Editor in Chief of ANDIVERO and SESSIONS Magazine. Having studied photography at Ryerson Uniuversity she first joined Paul back in 2007 assisting on photo shoots and design work. When first discussing working with Paul, she mentioned her dream was to one day art direct a magazine. Hired on the spot, it was from that point SESSIONS Magazine evolved into something other than just a few images online.  12 issues later, SESSIONS Magazine now sells on digital newsstands next […]

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